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Mohawk Hairstyles For Men

Mohawk Hair Cut

The Mohawk hairstyle can be found throughout history. It is most closely related to the Native American Mohawk Indian tribe, but there were also discovered, sporting the remains of mummies thousands of years old, Mohawks.

The punk movement of the early eighties has been accredited for the popularity of the Mohawk. It was seen as a symbol of rebellion against authority, is what was the basis of punk and rebel against all authority, social and political. Recently, the Mohawk has re-appeared on the scene, but this time it knows no boundaries.

Mohawk Hair Cut

Varieties of Mohawk hairstyles

This hairstyle adds flair to any brave enough to wear it. There are different versions of the Mohawk, but the classic version is always a hit.

In the classic version of the Mohawk, the pages all the way up, leaving a strip in the middle of the shaved head, broad, usually about an inch. Some choose to get it to stop at the crown, while others go for it all the way around like the neck.

Mohawk Hair Cut

The latest version of the classic Mohawk is the faux-hawk. In this version, the sides not completely shaved, usually with the help of a two guard cells on the clippers, and blended up. Then, the tip in an angled fashion cut, the gel carrier may at the center, with the sides coming in the back of the “hawk” to form. This style is good for business people who like the style of the Mohawk, but not necessarily to wear it to work. All kinds of people wearing this hairstyle, from rockers to bankers and rebels to State Troopers. Men, women, boys, and yes, even girls …. Babies too! It’s everywhere you turn. The Faux-Hawk can be worn down in the ‘Caesar cut “style or in a messy spike style.

Mohawk Hair Cut

There are more variations of Mohawk such as Bihawk (two strip of long hair with shaved portions between), Trihawk (three strip of long hair with shaved portions between), Reverse Mohawk (the opposite of a Mohawk), Fanned Mohawk (resemble a fan mohawk ), Frohawk (Mohawk African-American/Afro), Liberty spikes look (like the spikes on the Statue of Liberty crown), Dreadhawk (dreadlocks, Mohawk), etc.

How to Make a Mohawk

As soon as the Mohawk-style that you’ve gotten, the maintenance can be quite intense. You must have shaved the sides regularly, and be sure to keep the lines clean, otherwise you’ll end up with a much thinner version, or even a skewed version of your original Mohawk. When styling your Mohawk, the easiest way to reach the height that you look for it must be dried with a hair gel too. Apply the gel on the hair nearest the scalp first and work your way up.

Mohawk Hair Cut

Use your hair dryer and a comb, dry the scalp, this will help to create a foundation for Mohawks. A hard-hold paste works very well for it, because there already is a bit dry. Once you have the Mohawk-up, and in the desired form, with a stiff hair spray, preferably one that is resistant to moisture in there with little or no water.

Mohawk Hair Cut

Mohawk Hair Cut

How Should A 40 Year Old Man Dress

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